A Customized
Approach to
Workforce Solutions

Is your organization meeting compliance requirements?

Whether you are implementing a new program,  wanting to take a fresh look at how you deliver services, or are looking to improve performance outcomes, Human Solutions is here to help!

We tailor our consulting services to address the individual needs of each of our clients. When you work with us, we will involve you in every phase of the planning and implementation process.

Experience tells us that engaging you in the process increases your ability to sustain any recommended changes once our time together ends, making our services a more sound investment for you!

Our Services

Here are a few of our most requested services!

Accessibility Strategies

In addition to our training, we also work one-on-one with you to ensure your programs and services are accessible to individuals with disabilities. From policy development and implementation to review of accessible practices, addressing the diverse needs of your customers is our top priority.

Workforce Curriculum Development

Looking to create something new to address the needs of your team or customers? Or, does your current curriculum just need a refresh? Human Solutions and our design team are available to assist you with your project. We have also worked with organizations to convert their live training to virtual.

Program Implementation

You just received funding for a new program, now what? Taking your program from paper to purpose requires thoughtful planning, including determining how the new program fits with your existing services. We take our years of experience to help you craft a plan that also focuses on retention.