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Maintaining Professional Boundaries as a Career Advisor

Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to the industry, establishing and maintaining professional boundaries are an integral part of service delivery.

Why should I take this course?

Professional boundaries offer an established set of limits that enable "safe" interactions between you and your clients. Without them, issues may arise that lead to ethical and boundary crossing. 
  • This course provides a foundation on what professional boundaries are and why they are important, signs and solutions in case you're crossing them, the role conflicting values play in service delivery, social media and technology, and workplace ethics.

  • Through increased awareness, you'll be better prepared to identify and resolve boundary and ethical issues as they arise, creating a "safe" environment for every one to interact in.

  • Using real-life, situational examples to illustrate boundary and ethical issues, this interactive training let's YOU get involved and problem solve! 

  • Taken as a group, team or organization, this training will get everyone on the same page in terms of their interactions with clients.
Lesson series

What's included?

This on-demand training is convenient, includes downloadable resources, and is readily available! 

Learners and organizations don’t have to wait for an annual training! The training is geared toward seasoned and new workforce and career development professionals. It is also pre-approved for three (3) CRC Ethics credits. 

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Maintaining Professional Boundaries as a Career Advisor

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Lisa Brown

President & Chief Inspiration Officer
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Lisa has a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Psychology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC). She has been passionate about providing workforce development and disability-related services to government, community-based organizations, and businesses for 15+ years. She holds multiple certifications in the workforce development field and proudly served in the United States Navy during Operation Desert Storm.